The GuardHome system security services franchise - a great business opportunity for you?

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What you earn

What do I earn as a franchisee?

Initially, your earning depend upon the number of new installations you do.  You must be prepared for a relatively slow start.  We help you produce a business plan that’s realistic for your circumstances so you know exactly what to expect.   There are ways to get started on a part-time basis to make the transition to a full-blow business easier.  Please ask for details if thsi is of interest to you.

Once you are fully up to speed you may complete up to six installations per month.   New customers come from a  variety of sources including internet marketing, our web site, local marketing activities, recommendations and referrals.  Most of thse source generate more business for you  over time.

Maintenance contracts are renewed annually, so as you build up your client base you also build up a considerable source of recurring income that effectively guarantees income each year with only a modest increase in costs.

As time goes by annual maintenace fees become a significant source of recurring revenue so that after 2 – 3 years you may be turning over from £60k to £80k.   By the time you get to that level you will probably be employing other people in the bsuiness.

So, it can be a slow start but in the long run it is a well-paid occupation and your franchise has a significant re-sale value too so you will not just recover your initial investment but should make a profit on it when you come to sell your franchise.